Thursday, 28 February 2013

Buchanan Street, 1999

I studied the regeneration of Buchanan Street during my first degree for a project entitled "A Good Place". The aim of the project was to discover what it is that makes a place "good".

Gillespies won the design competition that the City of Glasgow initiated in 1999 - below are some photos from way back that I included in my original piece of work. All taken on a Canon Ixus.

At the time I was studying Land Surveying and knew nothing of Landscape Architecture. Everything is a little clearer now.

Sort of. 

new vs old

 peacock above the entrance to Buchanan Street Galleries. Designed by Alan Dawson.

a busy night scene looking east into Princess Square. 

the tail lights of a bus cutting across Buchanan Street.  

Spiers and Major won the competition for the lighting design, a key factor in the project.

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